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sonAIR is an aircraft noise calculation model that has been developed at the laboratory for Acoustics / Noise Control of Empa between 2012 and 2016 and which is being constantly actualized. In the sonAIR project, Scitracks developed a 3D video tracking system that was used in the vicinity of the airport to measure the 3D position of airplanes landing and taking off. To develop the noise calculation model, the measured 3D position was merged with the acoustic data from microphones arrays mounted on the ground.


Pan-tilt-zoom cameras were used to allow tracking aircrafts landing and taking off from distances of up to 20km from the airport runways.

PTZ camera at Zürich Airport.


Template matching techniques have been applied to allow extracting the airplanes positions with high accuracy

Result of template matching

Example of images acquired at Zürich Airport. with superimposed re-projected 3D position