Shoaling zebra fish

Trackit 3D accurately measures the 3D position and orientation of fish in real time. A precise measurement is key for analyzing the complex behaviour of fish and provides the basis for a number of interesting studies:

  • (natural) behaviour and reaction to stimuli
  • effects of drugs
  • studying diseases and genetic defects

The developed methods are general to fish, but have been develped specifically for the important model organism zebrafish. SciTrackS helps you design your experimental setup, select the appropriate cameras, optics and lighting so that you can measure precisely and without influencing the fish.

Behaviour is analized in real time to allow interactive experiments to be performed, i.e. to provide stimuli that immediately depend on the measured behaviour. Offline video analysis does not allow that.

For example, real time analysis could trigger actions such as to

  • trigger an alert on the occurence of a particular behaviour for more deailed observation
  • start a high resolution camera on the occurence of such a behavior
  • feed a fish in an operational learning task
  • administer drugs

and many more.